Make your life 100% easier and replace 6
of your other baby products with our single versatile cover!

Being a new mommy is quite a struggle if you don’t have the right baby accessories.

You need:

A nursing cover so you can breastfeed outdoors with privacy.
A car seat canopy to keep your newborn relaxed during road trips.
And definitely a stroller cover to protect your infant from sunlight and germs.

So, Let’s Cross Them All Off Your List With The Most Versatile Baby Accessory Ever!

Designed by moms for moms, this ultra-soft and comfortable baby car seat canopy combines the unparalleled comfort of a light blanket with the versatility of an infinity scarf!

And all that while keeping your little angel safe and happy!

Many women worry about breastfeeding in public and they try to find out different ways to breastfeed discreetly. When breastfeeding in public, you should always use what works best for you.
You can ask your partner or even a friend to stand in front of you while you breastfeeding or you can just choose the Multi-Use Nursing Cover from Illy Pro. It is just perfect for you and your baby.

Your little one understands a few things very well at this age: mom’s touch, love, warmth & closeness – which ONLY you can provide to your precious angel.

Our nursing cover literally wraps both of you together, and takes part in the most important process of bonding, and welcoming your new baby into the world.

Breastfeeding is mom and baby time

This feeling of being wrapped up with mom’s love will be written in every cell of your baby’s body and mind for life!


Car Seat Cover


High Chair Cover


Nursing Cover


Stroller Cover


Infinity Scarf


Shopping Cart Cover


Want To Know Why All New Mommies Love Our Versatile Baby Nursing Cover?

The colorful and adorable design will spark your child’s imagination while the silky smooth, hypoallergenic and breathable material will make sure that your baby is cool during summer and warm in winter!

And the best part? You can use our super-cute infant nursing cover for years after your baby grows up as an infinity scarf or blanket!

We Know That Being A New Mommy Can Be Overwhelming & We’re Here To Help!

Just to make your life easier, we’ve included a BONUS FREE chic cloth bag, so you can use it to carry your breastfeeding cover or your baby’s favorite toy! Plus, once your infant grows up, our stylish cloth bag will become your baby’s 1st backpack!

And that’s not all! You will also get a FREE eBook with super-useful breastfeeding tips by real moms!

Can You Really Afford To Miss Out On This Chance?


And Keep Your Baby Safe & Happy!

Illy Pro – This Is My Little Story

“I Wasn’t Ready For This!”

If you are just like every other parent in the world, you are familiar with the struggles, stress and agony of finding the best products for your little angel. Unfortunately, I wasn’t warned when I first when shopping. So, I wasted hours on end, trying to discover the most practical, safest and most adorable baby products. And I was utterly disappointed.

All baby-related products were either way too expensive for a normal budget or way too flimsy and lowquality for a reasonable parent.

“There Must Be A Better Way!”

I thought to myself. And there was! My name is Elena and I’m the founder of Illy Pro. Illy is my 1-year old girl and she has changed my whole life. When I first decided to start a baby products company, I turned to my family for inspiration. They helped me fully understand the pain points and dreams of parents and needs of babies. And my efforts paid off. Illy Pro was established and after a lot of trial and error we have launched an adorable, practical and super-cute baby nursing cover that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your baby’s face!

Hey Mommies & Daddies, You Are The Real Heroes!

Being parents ourselves, we know how stressful it can be to provide the best for your baby. That’s why we are here to make your life easier. Our baby products are parent-oriented, so you can spend more quality time with your little angel, without worrying about anything. And since your baby grows up so fast, every single moment is unique!

Let’s Build A Future Filled With Happy Babies!

By choosing Illy Pro you are in for a unique experience. Not only are our baby products super cute, but our customer support is excellent too. We believe in building an honest, trusting and personal relationship with our customers, so you can finally feel like you are taken care of! After all, seeing your baby smile is the best feeling in the world, and our goal is to make that feeling a part of your every single day!